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The Alternative Medicine Blog

The Alternative Medicine Blog is the work of Werner Absenger, a man of many talents and deep wells of knowledge in a variety of fields.

The Alternative medicine Blog – Why You Should Go

“There is a great need to educate the public about the current state of the health care industry, and scientifically researched complimentary and alternative approaches to disease, illness, and prevention.”

Werner’s first profession is in the culinary field as a top chef. His love of food and belief in its ability to nourish and heal us led him into more areas of study, and eventually on into the field of alternative medicine, attending Everglades University to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in the field.

Additionally, Werner, like most of us, had his life touched by cancer when his father became ill with the disease. In an effort to marry all of his interests and beliefs, Werner began the Absenger Cancer Education Foundation in 2006—a Foundation dedicated to researching and supporting the treatment of cancers through alternative and complimentary means.

Although Werner’s interests and knowledge span a wide range, nothing is lost for it; quite the alternative—it all supports each facet of his life and work. His blog is a sort of culmination of all of these, providing excellent information and resources in the areas of alternative health and healing, complimentary medicines, research and news of the field, fitness, nutrition, and much more.

Summing Up The Alternative Medicine Blog

The Alternative Medicine Blog is the passion and work of one very well-informed man with much to offer to help you live better and achieve your health goals more naturally.

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