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Cooking with Amy

Amy Sherman is a cook and cookbook author based in San Francisco. Her blog offers original recipes, cooking techniques, product reviews and cooking news. She even shares some great travel experiences, including the best places to eat when you travel.

Cooking with Amy – Why You Should Go

The original recipes are reason enough to visit this site. But in addition to her great recipes, you’ll also learn a lot about the best cooking techniques and the products no serious cook can live without.  You’ll also get to meet other cooks to spread the learning.  Amy Sherman is the author of Williams-Sonoma New Flavors for Appetizers and Wine Passport: Portugal (SmartsCo) and wrote the introduction to a recent reprint of the classic Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book, as well.

Summing Up Cooking with Amy

A great site for any foodie. You’re sure to learn something you didn’t know about cooking techniques, and you’re also certain to find recipes you’ll use over and over again. The site is beautifully presented and offers lots of great tips and information.

Go here to check out Cooking with Amy.

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