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An Amazing Mind

Vlad Dolezal has an amazing mind—and he’s spilling its contents all over his blog. A psychology-enthusiast at heart, Vlad is using his blog to share and explore the topic of personal growth in the most efficient way he knows.

An Amazing Mind – Why You Should Go

In reality, Vlad understands that all minds are amazing; so no, his blog is not a self-indulgent introspective on the wonders of Vlad and his brain, but rather on the wider concept of the human mind and learning to develop it to an optimal level for personal growth and success. Vlad’s posts are highly insightful, down-to-earth, and hard-hitting. Unlike many personal growth blogs, however, Vlad takes his a step further, understanding that all too often personal growth blogs are too much talk and not enough action, and so his posts focus on the actions that we can take to actually experience personal growth as well, rather than just learn all that we can about it.

Summing Up An Amazing Mind

In many ways, Vlad’s blog is a distillation of much of the best personal growth and empowerment information that is out there. Vlad has read as much on the subject as he can place hands on, and brings the best of it to his blog, along with personal experiences and practices in self improvement. In addition, he offers up interviews with some of the most respected writers and bloggers covering the topic (including Tim Brownson, who we also reviewed here). He has also written an eBook himself that is a collection of the best pearls of personal growth wisdom.

Vlad’s blog covers the topic of psychology and personal development from a number of angles. He’s got some very practical advice and examples, but he also works to build a community to expand the line of thinking, as Vlad also recognizes that the dynamic human mind is one that works in many mysterious ways. To learn more about what might work for you, join the discussion when you

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