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Educators need all the help they can get these days, and all the affordable technology resources to put the power of electronic media in the hands of kids. Nothing is more affordable than free, right? So this free education blog network is a prime resource for people with a stake in education.

Edublogs – Why You Should Go

Edublogs is a blog network specifically maintained for students, teachers, educational policy-makers, schools and universities. It offers top-notch features, resources, and support, with many of the best features available to the blogging community.

Edublogs is an international effort that “hosts hundreds of thousands of blogs for teachers, students, researchers, professors, librarians, administrators and anyone and everyone else involved in education” led by Australian Founder and CEO James Farmer. Farmer is assisted by a diverse international crew that includes Andrew Billits, Lorraine Brusch, and fellow Aussie Sue Waters. Together, they have developed and continue to maintain a large, reliable blogging network complete with the behind-the-scenes marketing and support a good blog network needs.

Summing Up Edublogs

With all the many niche blogging networks in the blogosphere, it is nice to see one that puts modern media tools in the hands of students and teachers. It is even nicer to see one with a proven record of support and success, a resource to rely on with the real potential to lend educational advantage.

Go here to check out Edublogs.

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