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Zooillogix is the collaborative effort of two brothers, both closet-zoologists using their day-jobs in the software industry as a fitting enough cover for their real passion. This blog, the alter-ego hobby for Andrew and Benny Bleiman is their “secret outlet of forbidden passion…”

Zooillogix – Why You Should Go

The animal world really is a source of endless wonder that excites something in all of us (some more than others, as evidenced in the Zooillogix About page and in the profiles of the two brothers Bleiman). Many of us do not even know how extensive and interesting a world that can be, and so we often miss out on many of the great creatures of the world; which means we often miss out on new discoveries, news, and efforts at conservancy. But the Bleimans don’t miss a beat. On their blog, they bring us the best and most up-to-date information from the world of zoology, complete with fascinating animals, Tuataran sex scandals, first-ever ugly Aussie’s, seal climatologists, the source of the latest French Herpes outbreaks, New Englanders with a fascination for poop, and much more.

Summing Up Zooillogix

Zooillogix is a fun blog to frequent not just for the very real and interesting look at the animal world, but also (in case you haven’t guessed it by now) for the humorous presentation that takes this casual science class to a higher (and far more enjoyable) level. Come along with the Bleimans as they poke fun at some funny animals and more at themselves, and also as they deliver some news you should know from the animal kingdom. And remember—”Don’t stick your fingers in the cage!”

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