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All Scrubbed Up

As patients in need, we tend to revere our doctors; and in so doing, we tend to forget that our doctors are people, too. People, that is, with opinions and personalities, frustrations, angers, and even senses of humor. That is the side of the profession that this blog is aiming to bring to light—the humanity of the medical profession.

All Scrubbed Up – Why You Should Go

All Scrubbed up is the team effort of one (understandably anonymous) doctor (SA Doc) in South Africa and IT expert Andy Hadfield. Their description of the blog is probably the best summation of what it is:

“What’s under the gown in the South African Medical Fraternity? Doctors, Surgeons, Practices, Hospitals and the funny, sometimes controversial stories that go with them.”

This blog is a behind-the-scenes look at the humor and controversy that is life in the medical profession. Of course, opinions expressed are those of these two contributors and any guests they might invite into the blog, but they do give a very good idea of what many doctors might be thinking or feeling in regards to the humorous stories and controversies that surround the practice of medicine and society in general. Those are opinions that many might be sharing, and worth following for a comrade in opinion arms (although if you don’t like strong, unwavering, truthful, in-your-face opinions you’ll probably not like this blog).

And by the way—did I mention humor? Because there are lots of medical funnies here, from the regular Old Time Medicine posts to jokes and cartoons and beyond. Along with the funny there are also serious posts, though, of either commentary or useful facts and resources for the public and the medical community.

Summing Up All Scrubbed Up

All in all All Scrubbed Up is puts a very human face on life as a doctor, and all the trials and triumphs that brings. It might just help you to connect a little better with the real people behind the medical masks that you entrust your care to.

Go here to check out All Scrubbed Up.

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