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Jodi’s Journey

Jodi’s Journey is one of faith, love, family, and even pain as she copes with spinal arthritis. To Jodi, her journey is life.

Jodi’s Journey – Why You Should Go

…To the rest of us, Jodi’s Journey is inspiration. Jodi deals with the triumphs as well as the challenges as many of us do, but she does so with a deep-seated faith and commitment to it. Along the way, through her blog, she shares the stories of her life, faith, and blessings as she inspires others to take what you have been given and do the best with it that you possibly can. We get to share her life and times as a grandmother and avid animal lover as we go along with Jodi as she works to build continually in her personal faith.

Summing Up Jodi’s Journey

Jodi’s Journey gives us the opportunity to connect with a truly optimistic, appreciative soul and hope at least a little of what Jodi has rubs off on the rest of us.

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