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My Cat Goma

My Cat Goma is written by the self-proclaimed “craziest cat lady” in the world, in celebration of her favorite feline.

My Cat Goma – Why You Should Go

My Cat Goma is written by Sachie, owner of a registered Himalayan cat. The blog itself is part photoblog, (large) part Goma entertainment (there’s even a web cam for those who want to see his hyjinks live!), and part cat and animal news source.

Along with all the fun and photos, Sachie and Goma bring us the most entertaining and important news relevant to cats and animal welfare that they can find, in support of all their fine furry friends that make life so much more fulfilling; and as a bonus, there are some great giveaways, too!

Summing Up My Cat Goma

My Cat Goma is a great place to connect with fellow cat lovers and animal enthusiasts, and to learn more about animal care and comfort.

Go here to check out My Cat Goma.

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