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Blogs can take us many places. They can take us inside our heads and our hearts or they can take us on adventures in places we’ve never been, but perhaps dream of being. That is what this blog does. Arcticulates, the personal blogspace of K. Fields, is a first-hand look at life and nature in Alaska, and all the wonder the state provides.

Arcticulates – Why You Should Go

Alaska is quite probably one of the few remaining places on earth that could arguably be considered an unconquered frontier. It’s a place that still holds much of nature and its wonder firmly in hand, and a place that tugs at the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts and explorers-at-heart. And although it has a natural draw, it’s a place that few of us will probably ever get to. But even the lucky few who do could only hope to capture a taste of what it is to really live and breathe day in and day out in a place like Alaska.

K. Fields’ blog is a resource that brings us that much closer to this place. She talks about life in general and takes us on virtual tours of the countryside, complete with bear sightings. She serves as a link to explore more of Alaska, a virtual tour guide to both the wilds and the more civilized side of a place apart.

Summing Up Arcticulates

Whether you are planning a trip or just have an endless fascination with Alaska, K. Fields’ is a blog you’ll want to frequent. Few other sites will provide you with the kind of first-hand look at this beautiful place. To close, I’ll leave you with a few words from our author:

“I love Alaska! It can be a challenging place to live, but, the beauty that surrounds me makes it all worth while.”

Join her and experience K. Fields’ Alaska.

Go here to check out Arcticulates.

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