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Amy’s Short Stories

Amy’s Short Stories is a blog where Amy, a young girl from the United Kingdom, keeps a collection of her own short stories to share for the enjoyment of others.

Amy’s Short Stories – Why You Should Go

A truly impressive young girl, Amy’s stories are full of feeling and creativity, often reflecting her dreams and life on her UK farm. They are entertaining and witty, and inspiring for her sheer dedication and courage in telling them.

Amy’s blog was created with the help of her mother because, in her words,

“My mum is really proud of me and likes to read my stories so she made a blog for me so that other people could read them too. I love other people reading my blog, it makes me very happy.”

This blog, though, stands as much more than the inspired and inspiring writings of a young girl. It also stands as an example of the strength and capabilities of a young girl with autism; yes, Amy is autistic, and her blog also makes a strong statement about autism awareness and understanding.

Summing Up Amy’s Short Stories

Everything about Amy’s Short Stories is inviting; the stories are entertaining, enjoyable reads that speak volumes for the author, who herself is a delightful young lady, a true inspiration to us all. A visit to this blog is sure to warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

Go here to check out Amy’s Short Stories.

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