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Personal Fitness Coach

Reading Coach Jenn‘s blog is like having….well, your own personal fitness coach—only one that is always “on” 24/7, bringing you excellent home fitness resources and great tips and tricks for living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Who couldn’t use that?

Personal Fitness Coach – Why You Should Go

Personal Fitness Coach is the work of Coach Jenn, a dedicated Beachbody Coach. On the blog, she offers up all sorts of posts relating to personal health and fitness. Many of these are reviews and guidance through the home fitness programs that she herself uses (primarily the Beachbody products systems) to maintain a high-level of fitness amongst the demands of a regular life.

What is most impressive about Jenn’s blog is that Jenn really is just a regular girl—a wife and mother of two in her early forties, committing to fitness to maximize her enjoyment of that life. Jenn utilizes at-home exercise programs that fit with her busy lifestyle, and then brings them and the results to her blog. She reviews these programs and helps readers decide which among them is best for them. In addition, she offers her own services as a personal fitness coach. The posts are not all strictly exercise, though; there are also a number of posts dealing with all aspects of health and fitness, including posts such as shopping healthy on a budget and understanding the ins and outs of willpower.

Summing Up Personal Fitness Coach

Coach Jenn is an energetic, inspiring personal fitness coach, bringing you the information, motivation, and support you need to achieve good health. Her active community of readers and commenters stand as testament to her dedication to both her blog and her community. If a boost to good health is what you need, this is a blog for you.

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