Recap Review, August 9 Edition

It’s actually been a bit since our last Recap Review.  So without further ado, let’s get caught up on all the great Digg blog reviews!

Recap Review August 9, 2009

  • You’ll find everything you need for good health and beauty at Beauty and Personal Grooming.  From home remedies to beauty tips, it’s all here for you to live your most beautiful life ever.
  • When you want to pump it up, either for strength training goals or just to tone and feel better, we’ve got a couple of great blogs for you.  The first is this blog, The Diesel Crew Blog.  The next is Project Swole.  Both will lead you to more effective and rewarding strength training programs.
  • On a mission for lifelong learning?  This is your blog–the one that will deliver the best of the free and continued learning resources for almost any interest.  Visit Mission to Learn.
  • Love food?  Like to play in the kitchen?  So does blogger Ben of What’s Cooking.  His phots and recipes will send you on your way to new cooking adventures.
  • Can’t follow the latest and ever-changing trends in real estate and business?  This is the blog that makes sense of it all.  Join the knowledgeable team at the Clozing and you’ll go far whether you are buying for pleasure or profit.
  • Interested in an exciting career?  Try Travel Nursing!  Here’s the blog to get you there.
  • Here’s a blog that’s celebrating both the Saudi and the medical experience.  Learn more about life in Saudi Arabia and about the medical profession (physician) at Saudi to the Core.

As of there’s not enough reading material here, there are even more blogs and topics of interest in the last Recap Review of July 27.  Join us!

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The Beautiful Life

beauty-and-personal-groomingWhere to Find Beauty And Personal Grooming:
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Category: Style, Personal Interests

Beauty And Personal Grooming

The name of the blog says a lot, but this is more than just a how-to guide; of course, it is that, too. In short, it’s all you want to know to develop and maintain your own personal style for the most successful (and beautiful) results.

Beauty And Personal Grooming – Why You Should Go

Beauty and Personal Grooming is

” A Resource for natural beauty tips, herbal and home remedies, health and grooming tips and much more…”

The blog covers absolutely all aspects of beauty and style, from head to toe, catering primarily to a women’s audience. Hair and makeup are, of course, elemental, but posts and categories also thoroughly cover the rest of the body beautiful, including such topics as exercise, body art, home remedies, products reviews (and free giveaways too!) and fueling the inner person through personal growth, too.

There is also regular coverage of style and beauty in the news, keeping you up to date with the latest looks, products, and methods of the day. Best of all, the blog works hard to find the most affordable solutions, making it all manageable for women on a budget. This blog goes more than skin-deep, too, heading straight to the source for in-field interviews and advice collected straight from stylists and others in the field.

Summing Up Beauty And Personal Grooming

If you are looking for a realistic, non-pretentious beauty blog to give you the advice and information you need to maintain good style, health, and beauty, this is the blog for you. Come along for some realistic, manageable beauty and style advice, and leave feeling like you’ve just walked out of the salon.

Go here to check out Beauty And Personal Grooming.

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