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Our educators get our undying respect at this blog, as many of you already know. This is one educator who has certainly earned that respect, both for her dedication to her students and profession and for her willingness to go above and beyond her calling.

Bellringers – Why You Should Go

Carol Richtsmeier is going above and beyond the ‘normal’ lessons of the classroom and teacher education, and teaching the lessons that one can only learn one way—by doing. Her blog is by a teacher for a teacher, and for parents and anyone else who is interested, and it’s all about the tips and tricks that they won’t teach you on a teacher inservice day. It’s life’s lessons and the reality of teaching, all rolled into one—and it’s very good stuff!

As for topics, they are quite diverse; after all, isn’t that the reality of life? But there is always a moral and always something new to learn. More than that, though, they are all infused with Carol ‘Richie’ Richtsmeier’s energy and passion for life, living, and education. It’s a passion that is infectious, and if you can get through her profile without a smile, I’d be thoroughly surprised.

Summing Up Bellringers

It’s worth a trip over to Bellringers just to enjoy Carol’s attitude and spirit. Be careful, though, you might just learn a thing or two about life along the way!

Go here to check out Bellringers.

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