The Life And Times Of The Housing Bubble

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The Housing Bubble Blog

The Housing Bubble Blog is the companion blog to parent site This blog is the ongoing work of Ben Jones, a freelance writer from Arizona, USA, who has been following the bubble phenomenon since it beginnings, and on now to its bitter end.

The Housing Bubble Blog – Why You Should Go

Reaching back at least to 2005, the The Housing Bubble Blog has had a pulse on the ups and downs of the mortgage and housing industry as it has seen unprecedented growth and failure alike. It stands today as an information-packed resource for homeowners, property investors, lenders, regulators, and the general populace. The blog focuses largely in real estate industry news and examines the effect that news has on the overall economy. Together with its parent site it is a top resource for information, following the collected news of the state of real estate. With its large community and active forum, it is also an excellent place for discussion, debate, and evaluation.

Summing Up The Housing Bubble Blog

The Housing Bubble Blog continues to tackle head-on one of the key factors in the US and world economy today. Join Ben to follow the most recent developments and perhaps share in a discussion about what each might mean to you.

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