Recap Review, August 24 Edition

OK so I’m just a tad bit late on this week’s Recap Review, after a busy weekend at the community fair where my girls each gathered up ribbons for their baking creations (first and a second:) !).  Nevertheless, late is always better than never, right?  At least for the good stuff.

Week In Review, August 24, 2009

  • To kick off our last week of reviews, we traveled virtually all the way over to South Africa where the docs there are giving us a real-world view of the real people and some of the politics behind the medical gown.  For a new appreciation of the other side of medicine, stop in at All Scrubbed Up.
  • Next we met a Mom and yoga instructor who is working hard to maintain the two loves of her life, her practice of yoga and her family.  There’s a lot to be learned about joy in its many forms and maintaining a centered life of balance at A Yoga Mama Is A Rama Mama.
  • Next we learned some excellent tips, tricks, recipes, and more from a man who definitely knows his way around the kitchen. Share in Chef Tom’s passion for food and his excellent collection of recipes and ‘copycat’ recipes at Chef Tom Cooks.
  • I’m very happy to have this blog fall into today’s recap, as it also happens to be my 13th wedding anniversary!  Ronnie and Lamar are working hard to deliver real-world examples, discussion, and advice for married couples and families, covering all the good, the bad, and the ugly,  and helping readers as they work through it all, for better or worse, at Black and Married With Children.

That rounds out our blog reviews for the past week.  Check out more from the week before at the previous week’s Recap Review, and stay tuned as there’ll be somthing new coming right along in short order!

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