Digging Blasts From The Past

When Sean Rasmussen first started Do You Digg It, we kicked the blog off with reviews of some really excellent blogs.  The problem is, as many of you bloggers know, when you start a new blog you don’t necessarily have a lot of readers.  But you usually DO have great content, often some of your most inspired posts.  Unfortunately, some of the best information goes unseen, all for a youthful lack of readership.

And so, to remedy that problem, today (and maybe for the net coulpe, who knows?) I decided to go back to some of the best reviews we’ve had of great blogs in the past–the blogs that you may have missed, if you joined us later on.

Blogging Blasts From The Past Worth Your Read!

I know you’ll need time to sort through these blogs, so I’ll start off with just a few of our past greats.

  • Ange Recchia was our very first reviewed blogger.  She is one of our favorite, and most popular, Personal Development bloggers.  Check out this old review of AngesBiz, and tell Ange the Digg It team says ‘Hi’ when you stop by!
  • Jamie LeSouef is another who joined our blog review ranks early on, offering us some serious and much appreciated guidance in the field of web design and internet technology.
  • Tree Hugging Family was our first entry into the world of green living and sustainability.  This blog is still going strong almost a year later (hard to think we’ve been reviewing blogs here for that long, but we have!).  THF is still putting up excellent content, helping the average family live cleaner and greener by the day.

We’ve got lots more great blog reviews from back in those early days, but as we know how great these blogs are we’re sure you’ll be busy enough gathering the goods from these three. We’ll come back and feature more Digg It blasts from the past on another day.

Mary Ward
Do You Digg It!
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