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When you talk about Blog Directories, one name comes to mind immediately–BlogCatalog.  Indeed, that is the place I find blogs more often than not these days.  But BlogCatalog is not the only Blog Directory on the Internet (even if it is, as they claim, among the biggest).  There are other directories out there, and they’re worth your time and perusal, too.

Blogging Fusion Offers Search And Tools

Blogging Fusion is another of the web’s directories.  It claims to be a growing community, with nearing 3,000 blogs.  That may pale into comparison to BlogCatalog, but still I’ve found some excellent blogs through Blogging Fusion.  It’s a resource to consider if you are looking for more exposure for your blog, or looking for new blogs for reading and comparison.

If you are interested in joining as a way to increase exposure to your blog, there is a fee to join, and then it takes between 12-48 hours to process and review your application and blog.  There are three tiers of payment for membership, starting at $1.99 USD.  One nice option about Blogging Fusion, though, is that you can insert your Adsense information and profit from ad clicks when your profile is viewed.

The other nice feature with Blogging Fusion is the statistics area.  It collects and displays the statistics for all the major search engines, which may be of interest both to you as a blog owner or to others who are searching niche blogs.

Whether or not Blogging Fusion grows to be a competitive force with the likes of BlogCatalog remains to be seen, but for a low submission price and the benefit of added exposure and stats, it’s probably worth your while to get in and see what this blog directory can do for you.

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There are very few bloggers out there who have not heard how powerful social networking can be, and how important it is to those who are looking to grow their blog readership and capitalize n their blogging efforts. This post can be logged as something of a case in point.

Best Of Intentions

My intention in writing this post was to bring to light some of the strategies that I use for finding good blogs to review. Of course regulars know by now that one of my favorite ways is to hear from you, our readers, and to follow your leads and suggestions. All readers are always welcome to leave a comment on any blog review here at Digg It and point us to blogs worthy of reviewing. It would please me no end to have an overflow of reader submissions!

Alas, often times I do not, and I am left to my own devices. What to do then?

Finding Good Blogs On The ‘Net

In the past the first thing I would do would be to Google some random blog topic and dig through the results. That usually gets me somewhere, but it often takes a lot of time and searching through a few blog results before I come up with something worthwhile (which also means I have to sort the blog results from other random returns).

A bit more reliable strategy is to follow links to other blogs through blog rolls and blog posts. This usually gets me better results, because most bloggers have some standard of their own before they will post a link backed by their good name.

Most recently I have been using blog directories, most specifically BlogCatalog, to find good blogs. I still have to sift through and search for results, but the format makes that task much easier. For one, it seems that bloggers who bother with a service like BlogCatalog tend to be more serious and dedicated. Of course, this is not always the case, but the odds seem to be in my favor.

Secondly, the organization makes it simple to do that searching. All of the results actually are blogs, and they are all arranged conveniently by category and interest. You get a quick summary before you ever leave the site, so you have an idea of what you will find. I like to go direct to the BlogCatalog Directory page, and pick an avenue of interest, then proceed from there.

How Will Your Blog Be Found?

For bloggers, this is an important question to consider. Think about the power that these sites have over your blog, and what you can do to get in the eye of potential readers and subscribers. Think like a potential reader, and put yourself in the pathways that they might be using to find you.

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A Busy Blogger Indeed

Sean Rasmussen on Blog CatalogWhere to Find Sean Rasmussen’s Blogs:
Blog URL: http://www.blogcatalog.com/user/Bullhunter
Category: Success, Positivity, Mindset, Wealth Creation

The Sean Rasmussen Family Of Blogs

Many of you know that Do You Digg It is the creation of Sean Rasmussen, a leading internet marketer and success communicator. Many of you have found Digg It through his many other works, and many of you may have been introduced to his works through mention in a select few past posts here on Digg It.

For those of you who have not become familiar with Sean’s work—and even many of you who have—you may be surprised at how extensive a network of blogs it really is. Today, as I sit here in the non-electrified silence contemplating great blogs, Sean’s came, naturally, to mind. It seems a good time to return the favor to Sean and point you on your way to his many projects and works.


You’ll want to start out here, at the Daddy of them all, Sean’s personal blog. This is where he does the bulk of his work in success communication and mindset. It is also the best place to get to know Sean Rasmussen on a more personal level (visit his recent posts from Disney Hong Kong to find out why he, too, has been a little indisposed lately!).

Wealth Creation Blog

This blog deals more on the business end of things. It is a blog where Sean blogs on the topic of wealth creation, and also very much on its co-companion, success mindset and attitude. Much of this is inspired by Jamie McIntyre and the 21st Century Academy, a wealth empowerment course you can also learn more about through his 21st Century Academy blog.


Over the past four or five years, Sean Rasmussen has made quite a name for himself in the world of internet marketing, giving up the rat race to live a more profitable and free lifestyle—the best of all worlds! Graciously, Sean shares his collected and tried knowledge with other budding internet marketers through his SeanSEO blog, as well as a number of others.

Stocks And Investing

Some of the strategies that have made Sean the success that he is now are the share and stock market investing strategies he learned through Jamie McIntyre and others. You can learn about these in his blogs Planet Wealth Stock Market Blog and BullHunter’s Guide.

Still More!

Believe it or not, this is not a conclusive list of Sean’s blogging efforts. There are even still more to find and enjoy and learn from. You can see the full list on Sean Rasmussen’s Blog Catalog page.

Sean’s blogs have been a too-well kept secret around here for far too long. Enjoy some time this week choosing amongst Sean’s excellent blog projects, and enjoy a prosperous New Year!

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Making Alternative Energy Understandable

Alternative EnergyWhere to Find Alternative Energy:
Blog URL: http://livingclean.com/alternativeenergy/
Category: Environment, Green Living

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy is one of three blog projects maintained by Anna, a woman with an interest in all things relating to global warming, the environment, and using alternative energy.

Alternative Energy – Why You Should Go

As mentioned, Anna’s Alternative Energy Blog is just one project of three, the other two being a Living Clean blog and a more focused alternative energy blog specifically discussing Solar Power. On this particular blog Anna works to provide information and resources related to the larger topic of alternative energy. She delivers news and updates, explanations and discussions in categories that include

• Alternative Energy
• Broad Scale Solar Power
• Facts about Solar Energy
• Global Warming
• Save Energy
• Solar Battery Charger
• Solar Cells
• Solar Panels
• Solar Power
• Solar Water Heating
• Wind Power

Summing Up Alternative Energy

Probably the best description for Anna’s blog is the one given by her Blog Catalog commenter/reviewer:

“…great informative blog on alternative energy. Interesting and informative posts and articles on all sorts of clean energy technologies.”

If you are looking for a place that brings together meaningful information on Alternative Energy, in posts that are both understandable and informative, this is a blog you’ll want to see.

Go here to check out Alternative Energy.

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