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When you talk about Blog Directories, one name comes to mind immediately–BlogCatalog.  Indeed, that is the place I find blogs more often than not these days.  But BlogCatalog is not the only Blog Directory on the Internet (even if it is, as they claim, among the biggest).  There are other directories out there, and they’re worth your time and perusal, too.

Blogging Fusion Offers Search And Tools

Blogging Fusion is another of the web’s directories.  It claims to be a growing community, with nearing 3,000 blogs.  That may pale into comparison to BlogCatalog, but still I’ve found some excellent blogs through Blogging Fusion.  It’s a resource to consider if you are looking for more exposure for your blog, or looking for new blogs for reading and comparison.

If you are interested in joining as a way to increase exposure to your blog, there is a fee to join, and then it takes between 12-48 hours to process and review your application and blog.  There are three tiers of payment for membership, starting at $1.99 USD.  One nice option about Blogging Fusion, though, is that you can insert your Adsense information and profit from ad clicks when your profile is viewed.

The other nice feature with Blogging Fusion is the statistics area.  It collects and displays the statistics for all the major search engines, which may be of interest both to you as a blog owner or to others who are searching niche blogs.

Whether or not Blogging Fusion grows to be a competitive force with the likes of BlogCatalog remains to be seen, but for a low submission price and the benefit of added exposure and stats, it’s probably worth your while to get in and see what this blog directory can do for you.

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