Who Do You Digg?

Here’s your chance to tell us who you Digg the most!

Readers Made Digg It What It Is Today

We greatly appreciate and value our readers here, and many of you have in fact been the inspiration for subsequent reviews.¬† We’ve also enjoyed the discussion and commentary that has transpired as a result of the reviews.¬† This community, although young, is already proving to be a great group, and through our reviews it is expanding all the time!

We know you have all already given much of yourselves, but we thought we might be able to ask a little more of you.¬† We hope you don’t find it too much of an imposition.¬† Actually, we hope you can embrace it as the opportunity that it is–the opportunity to tell us what to do!¬† Hey, these opportunities don’t come along everyday :), best to get in while the getting is good.

Here’s Your Chance To Spotlight Your Favorite Blogs!

Maybe you’ve guessed by now what we are about to ask.¬† We’d like to know who you, our esteemed readers, think is worth following.

We know that there are great blogs out there.  We find more and more of them everyday.  And as you might guess, we also find some, well, less than great blogs.  Chances are though that all of you have more blogs that you follow and that are deserving of a review here on Do You Digg It!  So please speak up and tell us who they are!  Where can we find them?  Who is worth a read?  What blogs are worth bringing more readers to?

How To Tell Us What You Know

The rules are simple.¬† We don’t really have any.¬† Well, maybe a couple…

  • Blogs should be of good quality and provide content of interest.¬† They can be informational, educational, entertaining or just plain funny and anything in between, but they need to serve us some purpose or they’re just not worth talking about.¬† You might have noticed we don’t bother with negative reviews, we just ignore that which isn’t worth highlighting.¬† We’ll continue to do the same.
  • Blogs should be clean.¬† We’re all adults here (but maybe not), but we do like to maintain a modicum of decor, so please nothing that would be too offensive, end definitely nothing illegal.
  • We don’t really even care if the blog is your own, so long as it meets the standards set forth here.¬† If you think you’ve got a good thing going, do feel free to drop a link.¬† But hey!¬† Why not help a friend too and tell us about their great blog while you’re at it?

Now, to tell us where to go, all you need to do is leave a link in the comments below that goes directly to the blog.¬† We can take it from there.¬† We’ve got a diverse group of readers, and we’re very interested to see what you digg up!

Mary Ward
Do You Digg It!
Blog Review Team
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