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About.com Web Logs

We do tend to venture from time to time to the periphery of blog reviews and into blog resources for bloggers. One popular resource that comes to mind is from a very well-known network, the About.com self-help topic and information website. About has been in the business of providing reliable information pages on a variety of topics for years, extending that list to include weblogs just a couple of years ago.

About.com Weblogs – Why You Should Go

About.com Weblogs is a comprehensive guide to blogging. The site is now maintained by Susan Gunelius, who comes to the job with a resume complete with corporate and blogging experience, as well as experience as a published writer.

About.com Web Logs has been designed as a “go-to” resource for blogging. It has a wide range of related articles, from how to get started to how to utilize individual resources and features of software and programs. In addition, there are links to many outside resources and related articles on topics of interest to bloggers. Articles and advice can be found through one of three basic categories:

• Start a Blog
• Grow a Blog
• Monetize a Blog

Summing Up About.com Web Logs

About.com Web Logs is a comprehensive resource for new and experienced bloggers alike. Stop in or subscribe to capitalize on this reliable blogging resource.

Go here to check out About.com Web Logs.

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