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This is not the first time Remarkablogger Michael Martine has been mentioned here on Do You Digg It. He was (and his blog was) among the first reviewed, chosen for its worthy and understandable advice and access to excellent blogging tools. Today, though, Michael has a post of particular interest; and in case you haven’t seen it, it’s a must-read for any blogger.

Remarkablogger Takes On Pages, Posts, And Categories

What should constitute a blog page versus a post, versus a category or tag, is a mystery to many bloggers. When you get it right, though, you have a highly navigable, search engine-friendly and (more importantly) user-friendly blog and interface. Still, it’s a topic that many bloggers struggle with.

Michael’s recent post puts all of this into perspective. He makes short work of describing just what each of these are or should be, and of illustrating how to start divvying up your blog in an efficient and usable way. It’s a post you won’t want to miss, and one that your blog’s readers will certainly thank you for taking to heart.

Go here to check out this useful post on Remarkablogger.

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