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According to the blog’s title Revellian delivers
Psycho-linguistical Dialectology: From The Edge“. Not quite sure what that means? That’s okay; you’ll get the feel for it.

Revellian Dot Com is the work of Bobby Revell, a writer, blogger, spiritual explorer, guitarist, and practitioner of the art of luthiery (Got you again? Luthiery is the art of building guitars!). So what does Revell blog about? A bit of all of these things.

Primarily, Bobby Revell‘s focus is to open the minds of others. He presents much about different philosophies of the world and draws from his many life practices and experiences to enlighten others. On his ‘About’ page Bobby describes his blog as a place where he posts “Lots of non-fiction articles about Zen, philosophy, the mysteries of human thought… [and] a weekly short story“. Sound intriguing? It is.

Bobby holds a strong belief in the power of blogs as an international platform capable of breaking down barriers of racism and ignorance. His inspiring definition of what blogging means to him makes you want to go write or start a blog of your own now; Bobby sees blogs as “a way to reach out to people all over the world enabling us all to share our individual expressiveness.

As an experienced blogger, Bobby also includes tips and information to help other bloggers, including beginners.

Revellian Dot Com – Why You Should Go

Revellian Dot Com is worth the trip for a number of reasons, but probably the best reason to go is the inspirational and mind-opening experience that is Revell’s blog. Bobby puts a lot of effort into posting information that gets people thinking and sharing in a spirit of education.

Although Bobby does not expect every blog visitor to agree with him, he does invite commentary and polite discussion. Given the somewhat debatable nature of some of the concepts he has introduced, Revell does an excellent job of opening the lines of discussion and communication without letting his blog descend into argument and insult. Revellian remains a place where all should feel comfortable offering their viewpoints without the fear of being pounced on. No doubt Bobby’s active presence in his comment area serves to keep visitors on their best behavior and maintain focus on enlightenment.

If this isn’t reason enough for you to go, consider this – Bobby Revell has built guitars for musical greats, including Eddie Van Halen!

Summing Up Revellian Dot Com

Revellian Dot Com is a place to expose yourself to philosophies old and new. This is a place where [religious] denomination has no meaning, a place to explore your spiritual side, pose questions and answers, learn about yourself, a bit about tech and blogging, be entertained by the fictional works of Bobby Revell, and become a member of an open and diverse community. Although I’d like to classify this blog under the category of “Blogging”, something makes me put it under “Philosophy”. Bobby Revell is fore sure a Philosopher.

Go and check out Revellian for yourself and digg it (if you like).

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