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Discovering British Columbia

Discovering British Columbia is a blog that is just what it sounds like it would be; it is a blog about exploring and uncovering the many spectacular things about this place and the places, people, and things to do there. KT, our guide to BC, takes us on her adventures in British Columbia as she learns about the place first-hand and works to formulate and achieve her own personal version of her 5 year plan.

Discovering British Columbia – Why You Should Go

This blog ranks up with the likes of K. Field’s Alaska blog as a way to learn about a land apart, and perhaps explore a potential destination. But KT offers a particularly unique perspective as she goes. KT was originally from England, and emigrated to British Columbia only recently because of her love of the land, which adds to everything she talks about because we are, in effect, learning all about BC as KT does. What’s more, KT is on a mission (the 5 year plan) to work her way towards a more fulfilling career in tourism and/or eco-tourism, so we have yet another added advantage of exploring a place with a real budding guide.

Summing Up Discovering British Columbia

KT’s Discovering British Columbia blog is one altogether personal, professional, and exploration. Come along with this blogger as she offers a unique perspective on the place she most wants to be.

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