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$5 Dinners

Following along in the footsteps of Clara’s economically-inspired cooking blog, I’ve come across a more modern, but equally tasty, take on budget cooking. You can find it, too, at Erin Chase’s $5 Dinner blog, where she’s cooking up great eats on a budget, and giving you every last tool to follow along and save some dough on some dough (sorry for the pun, couldn’t resist :)).

$5 Dinners – Why You Should Go

Why should you go? Very simple. I think I’ve already told you. But it does bear repeating, and detail.

Erin Chase is a Mom living in the real world, who has risen to her self-imposed challenge of minimizing her household food budget and coming up with great meals on a budget. Every dinner that Erin prepares really is managed on a budget of $5 (set of course, in her home region), and no, it’s not dinner for one—Erin is married and has two young children, and is feeding her family nightly on $35 or less each week. Need proof? Erin’s got it. She puts her money where her mouth is and outlines the cost of all prepared foods, along with the recipe and shopping strategies. She also offers up a pre-planned menu and shopping list for the week, among many great discussions, tutorials, a full recipe index, and much, much more.

Summing Up $5 Dinners

What started as an exercise and budgeting challenge for Erin has grown into an addiction. Visit her blog and you’ll be hooked, too—and you’ll never want to pay full price to eat well again.

Go here to check out $5 Dinners.

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