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SmallBizBee.com is a blog packed full of small business resources for entrepreneurs. It is the work of Matthew Ringer, a small business owner and entrepreneur many times over—a resume that makes him just right for a blog about trying and sorting and finding what works in small business.

SmallBizBee.com – Why You Should Go

As mentioned, Matthew Ringer has had a few different (successful) experiences in entrepreneurship. When he embarked on his latest endeavor, a sports-based event management company in Florida State in the U.S., he decided to put his trials, tribulations, research, and resources to work for both himself and you. He started the blog alongside his business, and continues to maintain it as a way of journaling, working out the potentials and possibilities, and sharing useful information on starting and running a small business. Regular posts focus quite a lot on the business and impact of successful business branding, along with other small business news, tips, tricks, and tools—and some insight into what hasn’t worked so well, too.

From Matthew (About Page):

“I started Smallbizbee.com as a way to journalize my thoughts about business and to chronicle what is going well and what needs improvement in my daily business life. Since I think and discuss business on a daily basis, and have a passion for seeing myself and other succeed, starting a blog made logical sense. I could help myself get my thoughts in order while helping others. It’s also a great way for me to explore different business topics and ideas, while getting valuable input from you all. “

Summing Up SmallBizBee.com

Matthew Ringer’s blog is a first-hand account of what life in the trenches is for small business owners. Better than that, though, this is a first-hand account of what works for Matthew. Notably, his experience may be different form yours, and your own path will likely twist at least a little from his, but you’ll get further for having started on a path that has been known to lead to success.

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