Recap Review, March 27 Edition

Our week started strong with posts of personal growth and development, as well as blogs to help you along your entrepreneurial way.  From there, we moved on to an interesting community blog project and rounded out the week with a few good laughs; all in all, just the way a week should go, from productivity to kicking back with a little entertainment!

Week In Review, March 28

  • We kicked the week off with a purpose and joined May Anne Fisher on her blog for entrepreneurs and online business folk.  Mary Anne has a top-notch strategy full of focus on helping you live your most passionate and profitable life at i Profit on Purpose.
  • The personal growth trend continued over at Vlad Dolezal’s An Amazing Mind blog, where he explores the topic of personal development while helping you to sort through the information overload that can so easily overtake that topic.
  • Matt Ringer is a small business owner with experience to offer, and he’s making a big deal of it!  Make your small business a big deal, too, with the help of Matthew and his SmallBizBee blog.
  • It’s refreshing to see the younger bloggers who have figured out the keys to life and personal development relatively early-on; top of the list is Celestine Chua and her EMBRACE Living blog.  Join Celes and learn to live your best life, one of both passion and financial success!
  • We turned a little away from the topics of business and personal development to enjoy a community blogging project dedicated to self-portrait photgraphy.  In Cinq is more than a photoblog, it’s a place to explore the people of the world and get to know them in just nine words.
  • To wrap the week, we gave ourselves a few laughs over at the Tiny Minds blog.  It’s a blog that’s so easily relatable, making humorous work of fighting back against mankind’s propensity for dashing rational thought.

That’s it for this week, but also be sure to step back in time and see last week’s adventurous blog reviews.  And do be sure to leave a comment (anywhere along the blog here) so that we can review your blog, or any of those you think are upstanding and worth the trip over!

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