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Minding Our Elders

Minding Our Elders author Carol Bradley Bursack came into care giving the way many people do—accidentally and unprepared. For Carol the role became one that lasted for more than 20 years. Along the way she became quite an expert in the area of care giving and, like Elizabeth of GenBetween, of walking the line as a “sandwiched” caregiver.

Minding Our Elders – Why You Should Go

Carol Bradley Bursack learned many lessons the hard way throughout her various and competing roles. One of the most obvious lessons she learned was that had she been a little better prepared and had better systems of support in place her role could needn’t have been as hard as it was; which is not to say there is no difficulty in being a caregiver to the elderly or a member of the sandwich generation, it is only to say that she sees very clearly how her experience can contribute to the health and well-being of others in similar circumstances. What Carol has done is use her experience to benefit others—in the form of this blog, and also as a columnist and author of a similarly titled book.

Summing Up Minding Our Elders

Great resources are essential for anyone, and especially for those who serve the very important roles of caregiver (at any age). With aging populations this is becoming more and more true. Carol Bradley Bursack’s blog and writings may be one of the most comprehensive resources available for this audience, and so serves an increasingly important role itself.

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