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Cassandra Forsythe

Cassandra Forsythe is a fitness and nutrition scientist, with a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Metabolism and a PhD in Kinesiology. She blogs about fitness and nutrition, including information about her own pregnancy workouts, as well as pointing readers in the direction of other good fitness, nutrition and weight loss articles and books.

Cassandra Forsythe – Why You Should Go

You’ll find lots of information here on working out, losing weight and healthy eating. Not only does Cassandra provide valuable information herself, but she also identifies other articles that will benefit you in your journey toward health. And, her approach is a healthy, science based one.Her sight is geared toward women who are looking to improve their nutrition and fitness, as well as keeping their weight in check. She stresses healthy weight loss through exercise and proper nutrition, while avoiding fads.

Summing Up Cassandra Forsythe

Real life education and experience, designed for women, from a highly educated expert on diet, nutrition and exercise.

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