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It’s all gone to the dogs, which of course is a cliché we just couldn’t pass up for this review—but one that is more than fitting, too. The DoggyLogic blog is really all for and about man’s (or in this case woman’s) best friend and maximizing life with them.

DoggyLogic – Why You Should Go

DoggyLogic is the blog work of Julie, a devoted dog-lover and proud owner of a pair of border collies from champion breeding lines. Through her ownership, experiences, and general love of her dogs, Julie has become quite well-versed in dog care and logic. She now brings this to her DoggyLogic site and blog, a place where you can learn about all things dog.

The blog includes very serious and necessary topics about dog care, breeding, and more, but also takes plenty of time for the lighter side of enjoying life with your dog, also including a Doggy Fun and Celebrity Dog Spot. In addition, there is plenty of advice about choosing your dog and breed, puppy care, getting started and still more, more, more!  If it’s about a dog and you can’t find it through her, chances are you didn’t really need to know.

Summing Up DoggyLogic

DoggyLogic is the one-stop shop for dog owners—potential, new, and old. Get to know your dog, enjoy the antics and fun, and be a more confident dog owner all with the help of Julie’s blog and her dog resources.

Go here to check out DoggyLogic.

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