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EMBRACE Living is the blogging arm of Celestine Chua’s personal development website (also named EMRBACE Living). Celes (as she’s happy to be called) is a young woman who has quickly come to a realization about what living your best life really means, and unlike most, has had the courage and taken the initiative to do something about it early on.

EMBRACE Living – Why You Should Go

By the time Celes Chua quit her lucrative Fortune 100 marketing job at the age of 24, she had come full-circle to a level of understanding about personal development and living life to its fullest potential that most people do not reach for decades later (and truthfully, most will never at all). Not content to let societal impositions bind her, Celes left her satisfactory corporate world for one far better—one based on her own passions and true self, one with infinite earning potential because it was a true and contented path.

Her next move was to turn those passions into her life coaching business, of which the blog and advice are part and parcel. Posts on the blog cover all aspects of conscious living, including such topics as (but not limited to) career and work, money and finance, stress management, goals, emotional mastery, mindset, relationships, and much, much more.

In her own words, Celes summarizes the growth and purpose of her blog as follows.

“EmbraceLiving.Net was launched in Dec 2008 to help you achieve your highest potential and live your best life. It has been growing phenomenally in readership and quality content ever since it was launched…Every week, the blog is updated with new, life-improving articles covering topics such as Conscious Living, Goal Achievement, Maximizing Productivity, People Skills, Emotional Mastery, and so on, which deal with all areas of your life including Career, Relationships, Health, Finance, Spirituality, etc. All my articles are inspired from real events and experiences in my life…My only objective here is to help you achieve your highest potential and embrace your best life.”

Summing Up This EMBRACE Living

Celetine Chua shows a maturity and enjoyment of life that most people are never able to accomplish. Her posts are both practical and spiritual (in an open-ended sort of way, suiting to all belief, or non-belief systems), insightful and inspiring. A visit to Celes’ blog will make you contemplate your life in terms you probably have not considered, and help you along as you find the best path to your best life.

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