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Yoga Flavored Life

Yoga Flavored Life is a site created by Charlotte Bradley, a woman who discovered yoga after a knee injury forced her to take a break from her beloved sport of karate. Always a fitness buff, the author had learned to relieve her daily stress through workouts. Her body and her mind suffered after a knee injury sidelined her, so she decided to try yoga. Since that time, yoga has become her primary fitness routine and she is dedicated to helping others become familiar with the practice.

Yoga Flavored Life – Why You Should Go

Charlotte is passionate about yoga and the improvements it has made in her life – both mentally and physically – and she is dedicated to teaching others how to use yoga to improve themselves, too. You need not be yoga guru to enjoy this site – in fact, it’s a great site for those just beginning to explore how yoga can help their body and their mind.

One of the most helpful features of the site is the posts Charlotte has about single yoga poses and their benefit to the body. These are poses you could perform standalone to help stretch or align a particular part of the body. Even if you’re not planning to do a half hour session of yoga, you can benefit from single poses that strengthen you.

Summing Up Trying Fitness

Today, there are many yoga websites out there, and some are a bit metaphysical for many readers. This is a yoga blog, however, that can appeal to anyone who wants to use yoga, whether a little or a lot, to improve their mind and their body.

Go here to check out Yoga Flavored Life.

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