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Cherryspoon is written by a woman who has recently begun studying to be a pastry chef. She shares baking recipes and information, of course, but she also shares her adventures in culinary school. The result is a site that makes for interesting reading and great recipes, too. The author grew up in Brazil, and now lives in New York, giving her a wide variety of baking and culinary experiences to share.

Cherryspoon – Why You Should Go

This is a site that all aspiring pastry chefs will love. You’ll also love it if you like to bake, even if you don’t plan to turn your favorite hobby into a career. There are some wonderful recipes you’ll be dying to make for yourself. She also offers plenty of excitement about baking that’s sure to be contagious.

Summing Up Cherryspoon

A site about baking and the adventures of going to culinary school while trying to balance a job and a family. You’ll appreciate not only the food advice from this site, but the real life attitude that the author shares.

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