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Shrink Rap

Shrink Rap is not the blog you would expect from a child psychiatrist, but then again when you consider the claims to fame of Robin Altman, MD include a love of shoes, a sideline as a stand-up comedian and a book titled Shrink Rap – An Irreverent Take on Child Psychiatry, you can expect her blog to be something a little out of the ordinary.

Shrink Rap – Why You Should Go

Robin Altman‘s Shrink Rap blog is a bit outside the realm of ordinary. And that is exactly what makes it so endearing. The blog is a mix of friendly and funny child-rearing advice, stories from her own household (which you will surely find refreshingly familiar), and general observations on life. Humorous posts (which most all of them are) show Robin to be an approachable professional and human being, one who you’ll be glad to share tales from parenthood with and, quite probably, find in her a kindred and understanding spirit.

Summing Up Shrink Rap

Shrink Rap shows that there certainly is a caring, human side to the professional sector. Join Robin for some laughs and maybe a touch of the Wisdom of the Ages (do be sure to see the Wisdom Addendum, too).

Go here to check out Shrink Rap.

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