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Chocolate Bytes

I know very few people who are not lovers of chocolate, and with the convenient excuse that numerous health benefits have been linked to the ages-old delight, it’s easy enough to indulge. Heather R.‘s blog will help you do just that.

Chocolate Bytes – Why You Should Go

If you were forced to categorize Chocolate Bytes as one type of blog, it probably would be best dubbed as a cooking blog, but it is really more of an overall celebration of chocolate. Indeed there some excellent chocolate recipes abounding and links to even more, but there is also lots of fun stuff in celebration of this favorite food including chocolate history, news, events, video, trivia, and much, much more. You’ll find everything you need to know about chocolate and cooking and baking with chocolate here on this blog–including the health news to support your habit!

Summing Up Chocolate Bytes

Blog writer Heather R has a (much shared) passion for chocolate and has graciously shared her passion with us. Come along for some fun, learning, and great new chocolate recipes.

Go here to check out Chocolate Bytes.

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