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Chris G.’s blog title sums up his blog well-he covers everything about “The Business of Blogging and New Media.” Chris is a very respected and knowledgeable internet marketing consultant, writer, professional blogger, and blogging consultant who offers up his hard-earned expertise to readers of his blog (for free! Great Value!).

Chris is clear about the focus and intention of his blog, which he says is, “…to teach you ways you can create compelling resources, provide your audience more value, build trust and loyalty, and generate more rewards for yourself. – Why You Should Go

If you are a blogger or are running an online business, Chris G.’s blog is a place you should visit, subscribe to, and revisit frequently. You’ll learn a lot that you can use to boost your blogging and online business, and quite probably save yourself a lot of time and money by either learning what you can do yourself, or learning what to look for in the pro’s you hire. But even if you aren’t in business online, you might find something of value at

You’ll find that Chris G.’s blog does something else well–referrals. Chris isn’t shy about telling you where to go (to find blogging and internet marketing resources, that is). He posts frequently about where the good info is and what you can access online for free (like good blogging and marketing eBooks).

Chris G’s blog is a great online business resource for anyone doing business online, but it is also an excellent blogging reference for the casual or [semi-] professional blogger looking to increase blog traffic and/or possibly profits associated with it. From time to time, Chris’s blog offers some interesting perspective on the human psyche (albeit usually geared toward marketing); you might even learn things you hadn’t known about yourself…like what drives you to buy and where you buy.

Summing Up This Blog

If you’re an internet marketer, writer, or blogger, or utilize the skills, tips, and tricks of these sorts of pros in any way, go to and see what you can learn to do on your own. He’s an approachable guy (as proven by his active commenting community) with a lot to offer to anyone profiting personally or professionally through online marketing networks.

Go and check out ChrisG for yourself.

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