I do like to go back every now and again and check up on past blogs just to see what they’re doing, and to see who has had the persistance and dedication to stick with their blog and who hasn’t.  Blogging is a tough act to commit to for the long term, and it isn’t for everyone, even for people who love to read and write and share.

How Well Did Your New Year’s Resolution Perform?

I feel an especial need to go back to those we’d reviewed as New Year’s Resolution Blogs and see how well they’ve maintained their resolve.  It’s seems Christine Kane, the blogger who brought us the concept of one word for improvement for the year, is going strong and learning a lot about what it really takes to persevere and succeed.  Christine is still mentoring, still working toward her personal goals, and still posting some hugely insightful and inspiring articles.  I know just visiting there this morning gave me a kick I very much needed!

Unfortunately, we can’t seem to say the same for the New Year’s Resolution blog.  It seems that there hasn’t been a post there since about January 15th.  That sounds about right given the record of success for the average person and their resolution.  This blog was to be a year-round site for support, largely a community effort.  That may have been its demise, relying heavily on reader activity.  It’s still a great blog premise and we’ve seen it revive before, so who knows, maybe this won’t be the last we’ll see of it.

I’m glad to see at least Christine Kane still going strong and living true to her word of the year.  Hers is an inspiring blog and good dose of success reality.  Be sure to go and take your daily dose of self development medicine!

Mary Ward
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