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This Girl’s Gone Green

A Costa Rican coffee farm might sound like an unlikely place to find a paralegal and her professional husband, but within the next year or two that is just where you’ll have to look to find Jennifer Long, or “Jubie” (her nickname) and her husband “Dr. Science”. The two share a dream to retire early to a greener life on a beautiful tropical farm—and they’re making plans to live it!

This Girl’s Gone Green – Why You Should Go

This Girl’s Gone Green is one of three blogs that Jennifer maintains; she also hosts a blog about funny goat stories (to know them is to love them—truly!) and a professionally-oriented blog about immigration. All three are great blogs, but the one that really stands out is This Girl’s Gone Green. The content of the blog—primarily centering on greener gardening and living—is reason enough to read this blog, but probably what is even more inspiring is Jennifer’s real enthusiasm and transition to her farming life in Costa Rica, and the illustration of the fact that it really is possible to dream big and achieve your goals and dreams, even if that means undertaking seemingly drastic life-changes (although maybe those changes are really just a return to Jennifer’s true self?).

Summing Up This Girl’s Gone Green

There are plenty of reasons to visit Jennifer’s blog—go for the green living info and inspiration, go for the inspiration to live your life’s dream, or go to see the fantastic photos of a beautiful part of this world. Your dream may not be to farm in a foreign nation, but regardless you will find the fact that a woman and her husband can go from the concrete jungle to the natural jungle a source of inspiration and motivation.

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