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Category: Success, Positivity, Mindset, Wealth Creation

The Sean Rasmussen Family Of Blogs

Many of you know that Do You Digg It is the creation of Sean Rasmussen, a leading internet marketer and success communicator. Many of you have found Digg It through his many other works, and many of you may have been introduced to his works through mention in a select few past posts here on Digg It.

For those of you who have not become familiar with Sean’s work—and even many of you who have—you may be surprised at how extensive a network of blogs it really is. Today, as I sit here in the non-electrified silence contemplating great blogs, Sean’s came, naturally, to mind. It seems a good time to return the favor to Sean and point you on your way to his many projects and works.


You’ll want to start out here, at the Daddy of them all, Sean’s personal blog. This is where he does the bulk of his work in success communication and mindset. It is also the best place to get to know Sean Rasmussen on a more personal level (visit his recent posts from Disney Hong Kong to find out why he, too, has been a little indisposed lately!).

Wealth Creation Blog

This blog deals more on the business end of things. It is a blog where Sean blogs on the topic of wealth creation, and also very much on its co-companion, success mindset and attitude. Much of this is inspired by Jamie McIntyre and the 21st Century Academy, a wealth empowerment course you can also learn more about through his 21st Century Academy blog.


Over the past four or five years, Sean Rasmussen has made quite a name for himself in the world of internet marketing, giving up the rat race to live a more profitable and free lifestyle—the best of all worlds! Graciously, Sean shares his collected and tried knowledge with other budding internet marketers through his SeanSEO blog, as well as a number of others.

Stocks And Investing

Some of the strategies that have made Sean the success that he is now are the share and stock market investing strategies he learned through Jamie McIntyre and others. You can learn about these in his blogs Planet Wealth Stock Market Blog and BullHunter’s Guide.

Still More!

Believe it or not, this is not a conclusive list of Sean’s blogging efforts. There are even still more to find and enjoy and learn from. You can see the full list on Sean Rasmussen’s Blog Catalog page.

Sean’s blogs have been a too-well kept secret around here for far too long. Enjoy some time this week choosing amongst Sean’s excellent blog projects, and enjoy a prosperous New Year!

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Francessa’s Blog Research Resources

Francessa's Research blogWhere to Find Francessa’s Blog Research:
Blog URL: http://francessarichresearch.blogspot.com/
Category: Research, Blogging

Francessa’s Blog Research

“Constructing and Deconstructing Blogs and the Blogosphere: Approaches – Methods – Studies – Publications”

If this blog sounds familiar it is because we visited Francessa Rich a while back at her Francessa’s Thinking blog. You might recall her as the teacher and researcher specializing in the internet communication of teens. At the time of her first review I mentioned her other blog—Francessa’s Research Blog—which is equally deserving of review all its own.

Francessa’s Blog Research – Why You Should Go

Francessa’s Research Blog (which is maintained in both English and German) is where she shares many of her researched sources. The blog is not as regularly updated, as it looks to depend largely on the current status and reach of her research, but as a compilation of work it offers a lot. Research topics break down into several themes and categories, including

• History/Basics/General
• Archetypes of Blogs & Bloggers
• Search Engines, Rankings & More
• Studies, Survey, Research, Polls
• Blogging & Concepts of Community
• Influence of Blogs & Blogosphere
• Blogging and Education
• Regional Blogospheres
• Blogging & Journalism
• PR & Corporate Blogging
• Sports Blogs
• Books
• Teens and SNS

But perhaps Francessa describes it best: “This blog is a gathering place, an instant database, collecting a sound body of evidence.”

Summing Up Francessa’s Blog Research

Francessa’s Research Blog is a reliable resource for information relating to teens and the internet, as well as blogging and its impact. Go here to learn from Francessa, gain insight into the world of and behind the scenes of blogging, and for direction to leading informational resources on a variety of internet and blog-related subjects.

Go here to check out Francessa’s Blog Research.

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Perfecting The Art Of Practice

Art of PracticeWhere to Find The Art Of Practice:
Blog URL: http://artofpractice.blogspot.com/
Category: Personal Blog, Life

The Art Of Practice

Honour, author of The Art of Practice, understands that life is about more than just accumulating knowledge—it is also about the practice and use of that said knowledge; and without one, the other is useless. And so it is that we have Honour’s blog, a blog about life and lessons learned, observations and practices, offered through conversation and poetry and storytelling, with a strong emphasis on the human element and human interaction.

The Art Of Practice – Why You Should Go

Honour is a character of interest because she harbors a distinct love/hate relationship with the internet and technology. Like so many she sees it on one hand as the innovative communication tool and outreach opportunity that it is; but on the other it is yet another thing that allows us to distance ourselves from living.

That same love/hate conundrum is what led her to blogging in the first place; that, and a disdain for the diced and chopped snippets that human interaction is becoming through dominant social networking sites. Her solution to the problem as she sees it is blogging: “I figure if I’m going to stay in touch with people via the electronic media, I might as well make it as human as possible. Expose you to all of life’s ups and downs – my hopes and my fears (paranoias?) – all of my wishes and reflections. You might as well know the semblance of who I want to be or how I delude myself into thinking who I am … no categories, no checkboxes, just a stream of consciousness.”

Summing Up The Art Of Practice

Much of what Honour brings to us is contemplation, delivered in the various formats listed above. This is a refreshing way to spur you into thought while being entertained a bit along the way, without the pressure of too much discussion, with the benefit of a thoughtful poem or story. And a refreshing reminder that there is more to life than knowledge and electronics, and that living is a real, careful balance of these and many other factors.

Go here to check out The Art of Practice.

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Focusing On Ability

Ability FocusWhere to Find Ability Focus:
Blog URL: http://ability-sky.blogspot.com/
Category: Ability, People with Disabilities

Ability Focus

Ability Focus comes to us from Sky, whom we’ve reviewed before for her work on the Everyday Heroes blog. Ability Focus is another of her works, one dedicated to opening people’s minds to the potential and capabilities of people with mental disabilities, be they the result of mental retardation, brain injury, or mental illness.

Ability Focus – Why You Should Go

Sky writes Ability Focus with care and attention, showing that the key to helping people with disabilities is to work within their capabilities, and not focusing on their abilities. Sky speaks with authority on the subject as one who has worked for nearly 12 years with the population as a direct care provider for the mentally disabled.

In explaining the intent of her blog, Sky says that her goal for the blog is to most specifically be a resource for the people who work with people with disabilities, to offer them a more effective and meaningful experience. She cites her experiences as her resource; “Along the way I have had the privilege of learning how to better relate to folks with and without ‘disabilities’. On this blog I intend to share some tips and tricks of people working in this field to help enhance the quality of life of persons with ‘mental disabilities’.”

While her intent may be more care-focused, there is much for everyone to learn from Sky, as her posts regarding effective communication, appreciation, and management are applicable many times over to life relationships. The blog is also a great way for people to learn more about the population at large, and to gain a higher level of understanding and appreciation of people with mental disabilities.

Summing Up Ability Focus

Sky’s still young blog shows a lot of promise, and proves to be a very good potential resource for people working closely with people with mental disabilities. Sky has many years of experience and appreciation of the gifts working with this population brings, a true wealth of information to draw from for her blog.

Go here to check out Ability Focus.

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Wealth & Wisdom For The Other 20%

Wealth and WisdomWhere to Find Wealth & Wisdom:
Blog URL: http://blog.wealth-and-wisdom.com/
Category: Personal Development, Wealth

Wealth & Wisdom

Wealth and wisdom go hand in hand; that is the foundation of B Smith’s Wealth & Wisdom blog. Those terms as applied to this blog mean a variety of things—wealth and wisdom are not only financial; they are also personal, emotional, professional, and much more. This is a blog that is aimed at helping you become a personal success in all parts of your life, a truly holistic approach to success and happiness, focused largely on entrepreneurship, but so applicable across the board.

Wealth & Wisdom – Why You Should Go

B. Smith embraces Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 principal (whereby 80% of wealth is controlled by 20% of the population) to give readers both focus and perspective; but where others will focus on life in the 80th percentile, Smith encourages you towards bigger success—the real advice that helps you succeed as one of the wealthy, the top 20% of people that produce results. His take is inherently more action-focused, providing the useful advice that it takes to be better than average.

Summing Up Wealth & Wisdom

B. Smith has a firm understanding of what real success is, and recognizes that it goes far beyond financial achievement. His posts and the information provided on his site are thus geared to tackle success through every imaginable avenue, including communication, life balance, finance, wealth, and life lessons. It’s an in-depth look at what it really takes to be a life success, and a valuable resource for anyone who is really serious about living better than the vast majority of the world.

Go here to check out Wealth & Wisdom.

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TRCoachWhere to Find TRCoach:
Blog URL: http://trcoach.com/
Category: Personal Development, Coaching


TRCoach is the work of Tom Spanton, a Transition Coach dedicated to helping you get “From where you are, to where you want to be.” His blog is a compilation of information and personal development resources offered with the purpose of helping you move beyond the “one decision” to change, and find the path to that change and end goal.

TRCoach – Why You Should Go

TRCoach Tom Spanton offers posts of insight into personal development, as well as motivational posts and quotes to keep you moving on to where you know you should be. He does not prescribe to tell you what you need to change in life, just to help you stay focused and motivated to get there—to get you through the transitional point from point A (the decision) to point B (arrival at your goal—whatever in life that may be).

Tom’s blog borrows from some of the best minds in personal development and self empowerment; those minds hail from both the modern day and the classic icons of the field, and include people like Jack Canfield and Napoleon Hill. He goes far beyond just spiritual and psychological topics and explores deeply the connection between the physical body and mind, and how the two connect to form the person that you are and can be.

Summing Up TRCoach

TRCoach is a well-thought out blog that helps to pave the way to personal and life success. Tom Spanton offers a lot of information and many resources for personal development. This is another place to go for inspiration and support to keep you progressing through life and achieving your goals.

Go here to check out TRCoach.

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