Where Are The Best Blogging Communities

I would think (hope) that there will be lots of answers to this question.

Across the internet and blogosphere, it seems there are some networks and platforms that are much more than what they appear; but sometimes you only get to know about these if you are a member of the platform or community itself. That stands to reason, because really how can you be a part of a community without being an active participant in it in some way—either as a frequent visitor or fellow blogger?

Community Magnets

Community MagnetsNevertheless, it seems some places tend to create more of a community than others. The more time I spend looking around Blogger blogs, the more I think that Blogger is one of those spaces. There is always a web weaving from one blog to another (a web that often provides me with many of the subsequent blogs for review). The more I review, the more I find these links looping back upon each other—and no, not always from their original spots. In fact, I’m surprised at the frequency of coming back to a blog weeks after the fact from a seemingly unrelated blog.

Sometimes it is the network that really builds that sense of community across interests—b5 media comes to mind once again. Of course, the best bloggers are masters at this, since community really is what blogs are all about.

It does seem, though, for whatever reason, that some places build communities more easily than others. Who knows why that may be (although if you have an idea—do share!). Being that blogging is as much about the people as the topic, it’s an interesting subject to explore. It’s also a great idea to share those places that do attract a sense of community. I’d very much like to hear where you find the best blog-related communities to be.

What Do You Think?

Comment below, and tell us, where are the best blog communities on the web (platform, network, or singular blog—anything goes!)?

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Where Are All The Negative Reviews?

I promised that we’d start up a bit of conversation here and there, so as to invite even more community and conversation, and to give you a few ideas of what motivates this blog. So here we go…

Do You Ever Have Anything Bad To Say?

One of the comments that we’ve gotten here on this blog and in talk of it around the net is that there appear to be no negative reviews. Why is that?

While we understand that creating controversy is a sure-fire way to get people talking, we also think there is enough of it without our adding to the buzz. So instead of telling you our opinion of why a blog isn’t worth your time, we prefer to focus on the good that’s out there, and make sure that those are the blogs that get their due. This is in part an effort to avoid that phenomenon wherein negative publicity ends up being a better traffic-generator than good publicity. You know how it goes—say something negative about anyone or anything, and people have to flock to find out what you’re talking about, to get in on the controversy. It’s hard to resist.

Rather than send you all off to blogs that just don’t deserve the attention, whether for a lack of content or style or grace, we’d rather appreciate the better blogs for what they offer and promote those instead. So when we come across a lackluster blog, we simply move on to something more worthwhile, more worth your time (and ours). Anyone who knows Sean Rasmussen, who created Digg It, knows that he is all about positivity and fulfillment, so it would be quite contrary to his being to start up a review of the worst of the web!

Does That Mean We All Agree?

So if there are no negative reviews here, does that mean we expect that we will all always agree?

That would be a fruitless effort, wouldn’t it? No, we entirely understand that we all have different tastes, different interests, and different opinions. We also understand that your time has plenty of demands upon it, so what you choose to read on a regular basis as a group will be highly variable. You may disagree with a review you see here, and that’s your privilege (we do ask that we keep the site civil though!). As reviewers we try to keep an open mind and see the value in blogs beyond our own personal opinions, so as to present our reading community with a diverse array of blogs that span many topics, categories, and interests.

That being said, many of the blogs reviewed have been recommended by you, our readers, and many others have been located through your comments and blog rolls, so it is very often the case that we enjoy a high level of agreement among our readers.

We continue to strive here to make this a blog that is useful and interesting; our comments are open to you below, and we welcome your comments, constructive criticisms, and, of course, your blog review recommendations.

Thanks for being a part of our community, and thanks for continuing to read Do You Digg It!

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What Francessa’s Thinking

Francessa's ThinkingWhere to Find Francessa’s Thinking:
Blog URL: http://francessarich.blogspot.com/
Category: Reviews, Personal Blog

Francessa’s Thinking

Hoping to expand our international reach a bit beyond our three nations of main interest—which have been, up until now, Australia (Sean’s & Digg It’s real home), the U.S. (mine), and Canada (close by), I was excited to see that Lydia from Writerquake was recommending a blog written by a woman who lives/commutes between Austria and Germany (the blog, however, is in English). I had high hopes that this would be a blog worth reviewing, and I wasn’t disappointed. Actually when I got there I had a choice of two great blogs, but more on that another day…

Francessa’s Thinking is written by Francessa Rich, a teacher and researcher researching the internet communication of teens. Her posts include many reviews of thought-provoking books and movies, and also posts of a more natural and observational nature. It’s a nice balance and an easy read on some interesting subjects.

Francessa’s Thinking – Why You Should Go

As I mentioned when I got to Francessa’s blog I had a choice to make—which of her two to review (the other being her research-focused blog)? And I very nearly went with the other for today, because it offered some very interesting views and analyses of blogging and life through the internet. But I thought it more appropriate to start with this one, to where Lydia sent me.

The reason for my choice was the reason for Lydia’s blog, which does so nicely capture the spirit of blogging. She began her blog in the interest of connecting with and learning from people all over the world, and also to give others “a glimpse of European points of view.” Hers is a highly respectable task that offers the opportunity to open the mind, expand your horizons, and understand a bit more about diverse cultures, worth sharing for the premise of the blog itself.

Summing Up Francessa’s Thinking

Francessa’s thinking is a rare opportunity in blogging. It is written in English (with the warning that Francessa is not a native English speaker, but you’d never know it to read it!) with an admirable goal, and what’s more it offers information of insight and value. If being one in a global community is your goal, this is a blog to put on your list.

Go here to check out Francessa’s Thinking.

Mary Ward
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Who Do You Digg?

Here’s your chance to tell us who you Digg the most!

Readers Made Digg It What It Is Today

We greatly appreciate and value our readers here, and many of you have in fact been the inspiration for subsequent reviews.¬† We’ve also enjoyed the discussion and commentary that has transpired as a result of the reviews.¬† This community, although young, is already proving to be a great group, and through our reviews it is expanding all the time!

We know you have all already given much of yourselves, but we thought we might be able to ask a little more of you.¬† We hope you don’t find it too much of an imposition.¬† Actually, we hope you can embrace it as the opportunity that it is–the opportunity to tell us what to do!¬† Hey, these opportunities don’t come along everyday :), best to get in while the getting is good.

Here’s Your Chance To Spotlight Your Favorite Blogs!

Maybe you’ve guessed by now what we are about to ask.¬† We’d like to know who you, our esteemed readers, think is worth following.

We know that there are great blogs out there.  We find more and more of them everyday.  And as you might guess, we also find some, well, less than great blogs.  Chances are though that all of you have more blogs that you follow and that are deserving of a review here on Do You Digg It!  So please speak up and tell us who they are!  Where can we find them?  Who is worth a read?  What blogs are worth bringing more readers to?

How To Tell Us What You Know

The rules are simple.¬† We don’t really have any.¬† Well, maybe a couple…

  • Blogs should be of good quality and provide content of interest.¬† They can be informational, educational, entertaining or just plain funny and anything in between, but they need to serve us some purpose or they’re just not worth talking about.¬† You might have noticed we don’t bother with negative reviews, we just ignore that which isn’t worth highlighting.¬† We’ll continue to do the same.
  • Blogs should be clean.¬† We’re all adults here (but maybe not), but we do like to maintain a modicum of decor, so please nothing that would be too offensive, end definitely nothing illegal.
  • We don’t really even care if the blog is your own, so long as it meets the standards set forth here.¬† If you think you’ve got a good thing going, do feel free to drop a link.¬† But hey!¬† Why not help a friend too and tell us about their great blog while you’re at it?

Now, to tell us where to go, all you need to do is leave a link in the comments below that goes directly to the blog.¬† We can take it from there.¬† We’ve got a diverse group of readers, and we’re very interested to see what you digg up!

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Successful BlogWhere to Find Successful Blog:
Blog URL: http://www.successful-blog.com/
Category: Personal Empowerment, Business, Success

Successful Blog

The full name of Successful Blog is ‘Successful and Outstanding Bloggers’; it’s a good indication of what Liz Strauss’s blog is about. But don’t write this one off as just another blog about blogging, because it is really much, much more than that, and if you pass it by you’ll be missing out on all the rest that is Successful Blog.

This blog may have started as a blog about blogging, but over the years (we’re talking at least three, here) it has grown into something much larger. Today, Liz Strauss and her blog are recognized as one of the leaders in the field of not just blogging, but also personal empowerment and online business coaching.

Successful Blog – Why You Should Go

Very few bloggers or coaches exude the kind of warmth and support that Liz Strauss does‚Äîor the level of real-world, effective strategy and business sense. Hers is a unique approach to blogging and business, one that has been described as “relational”. Her blog has been described as “both a destination and an event.”

Not only are posts timely and informative, but the blog is also highly interactive, enveloping a “pay-it-forward” attitude. Liz invites all her bloggers to engage and share, join the team as an SOB or BAD blogger (which you’ll have to learn more about at the blog), join in the weekly Open Mic night (held Tuesdays, Chicago, Illinois, US time), or just drop the occasional comment.

Even more impressive is the fact that Liz is such an active presence herself. One might think that a blogger this popular would have a hard time connecting with her readers, but Liz makes it a point to engage with each and every visitor whose presence is known—new or old.

Summing Up Successful Blog

Liz’s philosophy is that, “Relationships are everyone‚Äôs business, and every business is relationships”. She uses this as her guide to building a highly personal blog aimed at creating a community of leadership and success. Day by day Liz Strauss guides her readers to build a path to success, one post at a time, and welcoming visitors with the motto, “you’re only a stranger once”; stop being a stranger to Liz Strauss and her unique blogging community. Get your daily dose of information and business acumen at Successful Blog.

Go here to check out Successful Blog.

Mary Ward
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Tree Hugging Family

Tree Hugging FamilyWhere to Find Tree Hugging Family:
Blog URL: www.treehuggingfamily.com
Category: Green living, Environment

Tree Hugging Family

Tree Hugging Family is a cooperatively run blog at b5media written by co-bloggers Jennifer Chait and Peggy Rowland. This blog is a place where you can go daily to learn how to make small changes that turn into a huge environmental impact.

Tree Hugging Family – Why You Should Go

The name ‘Tree Hugging Family‘ might evoke images in some of extremist, well, tree-huggers, or closed-minded fanatics interested only in promoting their own hard-core environmental points of view. But the Tree Hugging Family blog is nothing of the kind. Tree Hugging Family is a blog where writer Jennifer Chait and Peggy Rowland work post by post to educate readers as to the impact of global warming, but more importantly to educate readers in how they can live better, cleaner, and greener.

Tree Hugging Family is really a very open and warm community, and welcoming of civil debate over the issue. But the real impetus behind the blog is to offer up solutions, not argument over the problem. Day by day, post by post, the blog’s authors present new ways to easily and painlessly change little things in your daily routine. The focus is more on sustainable, livable solutions to global warming through green living.

The topics and green actions presented span a wide range; timely news is presented, as well as meaningful activities like

• Green kids activities
• Green crafts
• Green cleaning
• Green pets
• Green remodeling
• Green schools
• Green work and office
• Energy audits & tips
• Recycling
• Saving energy
• Gardening
• Eco living
• Flowers
• Gardening
• Organics
• Extreme green for hard-core environmentalists
• A lot more…

There’s really a wealth of information here, and it’s good to know that with blogs like this around we can hope that people are reading and learning and making our shared environment a healthier, more earth-friendly place to be.

Summing Up Tree Hugging Family

As the topics and categories suggest, Tree Hugging Family has a bit of something of interest for everyone. This is an excellent read and an excellent resource regardless of your stance on global warming. Thanks to b5media and the girls at Tree Hugging Family, there’s still hope that people can learn to live in cleaner and greener ways without making it so painful an experience that it can’t be sustained.

Go and check out The Tree Hugging Family for yourself.

Sean Rasmussen
Do You Digg It!
Blog Review Team
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Blogtools Galore At Remarkablogger

Remarkablogger with Michael MartineWhere to Find Remarkablogger:
Blog URL: http://michaelmartine.com/
Category: Blogging, Blog Consulting, Blog Coaching


Looking to learn more about blogging? Looking to give your blogs a boost? Interested in finding out how your business can benefit from a blog‚Äîeven if you don’t have time to maintain one? Find the answers to all these questions and many more blog and web-related queries on Remarkablogger.

Remarkablogger is the work of Michael Martine, respected blog consultant and blog coach. This blog is a reference site for all types of bloggers, including would-be bloggers floundering for a start and seasoned blog veterans. Michael Martine has been running Remarkablogger since 2005 and during that time has compiled loads of archived information covering nearly every topic a blogger could need to know (and some you could even live without that are just plain handy to have).

This is how Michael Martine describes what he’s doing with Remarkablogger:

“I‚Äôm using my blog as a platform to help others become better bloggers, because nearly all the terrific benefits you can get from blogging are even more rewarding when you blog better. If your goal is making money from blogging, being a better blogger will help you make more. If your goal is to help your business through blogging, being a better blogger will help your business even more. If your goal is to help people in some endeavor, being a better blogger will help you accomplish that more effectively.”

Remarkablogger – Why You Should Go

No matter what kind of blog you are interested in running‚Äîa casual personal blog, a business blog, a revenue-generating rant and rave‚ÄîRemarkablogger will give you the tips and tricks and resources to do it in a bigger and better way. Visit Remarkablogger regularly and you’ll get

• Access to prime free downloads

• Professional advice from an experienced blog consultant and blog coach

• Admission to an active blog community, complete with all the support systems implied therein

• Instruction in all the simple and complex aspects of blogging, including WordPress themes, installations, and plugins

‚Ä¢ A hand to point you toward starting or improving a blog and access to professional services for those aspects you can’t (or don’t want to) manage yourself

Michael Martine gives you all of this, and he delivers in a way that is at once insightful, informational, interesting, and entertaining. Michael is a smart guy with big blogging knowledge, but he is also open and inviting, and intelligent enough to talk in terms the technologically challenged can understand.

Summing Up Remarkablogger

What more can I say? Remarkablogger is a great resource for bloggers of all sorts. Visit this blog often to learn how to make more of your blogging efforts and maximize your blog’s potential.

Go and check out Michael Martine’s Remarkablogger for yourself.

Sean Rasmussen
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ChrisGWhere to Find ChrisG:
Blog URL: http://www.chrisg.com/
Category: Blogging, Consulting, Internet Marketing, Web Services


Chris G.’s blog title sums up his blog well-he covers everything about “The Business of Blogging and New Media.” Chris is a very respected and knowledgeable internet marketing consultant, writer, professional blogger, and blogging consultant who offers up his hard-earned expertise to readers of his blog (for free! Great Value!).

Chris is clear about the focus and intention of his blog, which he says is, “…to teach you ways you can create compelling resources, provide your audience more value, build trust and loyalty, and generate more rewards for yourself.

ChrisG.com – Why You Should Go

If you are a blogger or are running an online business, Chris G.’s blog is a place you should visit, subscribe to, and revisit frequently. You’ll learn a lot that you can use to boost your blogging and online business, and quite probably save yourself a lot of time and money by either learning what you can do yourself, or learning what to look for in the pro’s you hire. But even if you aren’t in business online, you might find something of value at ChrisG.com.

You’ll find that Chris G.’s blog does something else well–referrals. Chris isn’t shy about telling you where to go (to find blogging and internet marketing resources, that is). He posts frequently about where the good info is and what you can access online for free (like good blogging and marketing eBooks).

Chris G’s blog is a great online business resource for anyone doing business online, but it is also an excellent blogging reference for the casual or [semi-] professional blogger looking to increase blog traffic and/or possibly profits associated with it. From time to time, Chris’s blog offers some interesting perspective on the human psyche (albeit usually geared toward marketing); you might even learn things you hadn’t known about yourself…like what drives you to buy and where you buy.

Summing Up This Blog

If you’re an internet marketer, writer, or blogger, or utilize the skills, tips, and tricks of these sorts of pros in any way, go to ChrisG.com and see what you can learn to do on your own. He’s an approachable guy (as proven by his active commenting community) with a lot to offer to anyone profiting personally or professionally through online marketing networks.

Go and check out ChrisG for yourself.

Sean Rasmussen
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