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Creative Juices Arts & Painting From The Wild Heart

Chris Zydel’s Creative Juices Arts & Painting From The Wild Heart blog is an extension of the life and profession she has dedicated herself to. Summarized, this might be described as the facilitation of free-expression and creativity. This is the work that she does through her creative arts studio in Oakland, California (USA), which she continues through her website, and now her blog.

Creative Juices Arts – Why You Should Go

“We are all naturally creative, and we all have something inside of us that is authentically ours, wanting to be expressed.

Whether this “something” is written, sung, painted, spoken, danced, or manifested through cooking, growing a business, raising a child, designing a home, building a guitar, or bringing an idea into the world, our creativity is one of the most unique and precious aspects of who we are.”

This is the foundation upon which Chris Zydel has built her work and her blog. Chris realizes not only that are we all creative beings, but also that too many of us are stifling that creativity and suffering for it. To correct the problem, Chris works as a counselor, instructor, and facilitator, working through art, offering classes, workshops, and retreats (including 3-day weekend intensives for non-residents). Chris’s blog is an extension of this work. It is a place to capture many of the benefits of an in-person experience, to learn from Chris, and to extend that learning if you are lucky enough to be one of Chris’s students.

Summing Up Creative Juices Arts

Whether or not you are lucky enough to ever experience one of Chris Zydel’s classes or workshops, there is plenty that you will find of benefit at her blog. Chris’s blog serves as a renewal and awakening of your creative spirit, poised to help you break down the barriers that prohibit you from fully experiencing the benefit of maximizing your creative soul.

Go here to check out Creative Juices Arts.

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