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CreditMom is your average mother of three boys making the best of life, love, and personal finance. Her blog revolves more around topics relating to personal finance than it does specifically on credit, while interweaving all of her life’s roles.

CreditMom – Why You Should Go

CreditMom has many posts of interest to people interested in learning more about personal finance and the regular topics relative to that like credit cards and the economics of personal finance. What really makes her blog stand out, though, is her dedication to children’s financial literacy and responsibility and other topics of import such as child ID theft, internet safety, kids and concerns over the economy, and kids and money. Her blog offers an array of posts on these and other subjects, making it a concentrated resource for parents dealing with how to raise their children as responsible, independent adults.

Summing Up CreditMom

CreditMom’s blog is of high interest for the conversation and discussion. Adding to that is her real-world, tried and true experiences with raising financially educated children. CreditMom is showing her readers that it’s never too early to think about and teach kids about money and finance, and she’s leading the way by example.

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