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Criminal Justice Online

Criminal justice is a field that is growing, in demand, and seemingly constantly evolving. To keep up with the changes as you maximize the potential of this field, you need good, quality resources. For a Criminal Justice degree online or even off, this site is the place to go.

Criminal Justice Online – Why You Should Go

Radek Gadek is the mind and experience behind Criminal Justice Online. Having earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the respected Boston University, and having also studied with various online universities and online criminal justice schools, Radek is in a unique position, possessing both the experience and the knowledge to help you make the best educational and career decisions for a criminal justice career path.

Gadek’s blog covers the criminal justice career and education topic from all angles, including the basics of understanding the paths available in the career field and the finite differences between oft-confused disciplines (for example—do you know the difference between Criminal Justice and Criminology?) and the more practical aspects of pursuing a degree in the field (for example, choosing Criminal Justice schools by state, or learning answers to essential questions like, How long does it take to get a criminal justice degree?). From articles about the possibility, potential, and demand of the field to the how-to’s of accomplishing career goals, it’s all here on this blog.

Summing Up Criminal Justice Online

Criminal Justice Online is one of the few truly useful and comprehensive resources for this career field on the web. Get ahead by starting ahead and benefitting from the collected knowledge and experience of this blogger.

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