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Dad’s House

Single parenting from the female perspective is only one side of the story; and an excellent place to see things from the other side is at Dad’s House, a blog maintained by single father David Mott.

Dad’s House – Why You Should Go

David Mott describes himself and his blog as a “divorced single dad offering stories, tips, and expert advice on single parenting, two-home families, and relationships formed in an age of online dating, text messaging, friends with benefits, hookups, and booty calls.”

If that sounds like a lot for one person to take on, particularly a person raising two active and busy children and sharing custody half-time, it is. Still, this blog really is all of that and even more. It’s an entire community and support system in and of itself with an impressive voice and following. From dating to childrearing, Dad’s House takes it all on, creating a very comprehensive resource for its audience (Hey! Recipes included!).

Summing Up Dad’s House

To say Dad’s House is a blog just for single dads would be a gross misstatement. It is really a blog for all single parents, a community where moms and dads—parents—from all walks of life come together to learn and grow, discuss, and support.

Go here to check out Dad’s House.

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