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Rock Your Day

No, not that Dave Navarro, sorry. No less inspiring nonetheless!

This Dave Navarro happens to be a life coach and expert in turning your successful life up a notch. He’s not your regular kind of rock star, but the kind that “sweats behind the scenes rather than on stage, kicking successful people’s asses so that they become even more successful. I’m a personal productivity coach who gets deep into the minds of people who have everything going for them but are hitting some speedbumps and roadblocks – and I pull no punches until they break past the limiting beliefs that are holding them back.”

So when you know you have what it takes, but just have a hard time connecting the dots, or suspect you have it, but need someone to kick you in the backside to confirm your suspicions, Dave could be the missing link that can take you the extra step of the way.

Rock Your Day – Why You Should Go

Dave Navarro has made an art of being productive. His blog is where he puts that art on display. He writes actionable posts dealing with the big productivity busters like time management, work/life balance, becoming an early-riser and loving it, and how to add hours to your day. His is a blog that is stirring some controversy over which laws do and do not work, so there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in opposition to some of what he says, but it is also a blog that offers plenty of progress-inspiring action well-suited to conjunction with the laws that you hold as truths.

Summing Up Rock Your Day

Rock Your Day is full of many things, and leading the pack is a spirit of enthusiasm, energy, kicking attitude, and a tinge of humor. Just reading Dave, whether you agree in total or not, is enough to fire you up to want to do more.

Go here to check Rock Your Day.

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