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Dave’s Political Satire

This is the blog of humor writer David Martin. He’s a Canadian, aye, but he sure knows a lot about American politics and political figures. He does a great job of putting an interesting and humorous spin on the goings on in the American government. His writing is fresh and his blog is up to date on current events.

Dave’s Political Satire– Why You Should Go

For a great laugh. You’ll get a whole new look at what Washington is up to. Martin’s work has appeared in many North American newspapers and he is the author of several books. He has had great coverage of the oil spill, healthcare reform and even the whole Tiger Woods mess in recent months.

Summing Up Dave’s Political Satire

Political humor at its finest. Martin isn’t particular partisan; he makes fun of everything and everybody and does so quite well. He is also able to make fun of the situation without being offensive. He doesn’t, for example, make fun of the oil spill, but rather the people responsible for it.

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