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Depression Cooking With Clara

Some of the best things to hit it big on the ‘net have happened almost by accident; Depression Cooking With Clara is one of those beautiful happenstance events. On this blog you’ll be able to follow along with the very impressive 93 year old Clara Cannucciari as she relates events from an historic and stoic age in U.S. and World History.

Depression Cooking With Clara – Why You Should Go

This blog started out as a way for Clara’s great-grandson, Chris Cannucciari, to record and preserve memories of his great-grandmother Clara’s cooking and stories of her life during the Great Depression. Chris began filming a series of YouTube videos wherein Clara would cook up a recipe or two from the Depression era, and share her memories of life in those times as she cooked in her kitchen. The videos came to be a great fan-favorite, particularly as the economy started to turn for the worse. The family project grew into a website, an upcoming DVD of collected videos and stories, features on national media and news shows, and the blog, which is one of the vehicles set up for Clara’s fans to keep track of her and her doings.

Explaining the growth of the project, Chris Cannucciari has this to say on the website:

“Nearly two years ago I filmed the first episode of what was to become “Great Depression Cooking with Clara”. At the time the episode was intended to help me remember how Clara created the meals I had enjoyed eating over the years. I wasn’t sure if I could capture the magic of her storytelling and the details of the cooking at the same time (there are no second takes with Clara, if she did it once she doesn’t feel the need to do it again).

When I began editing I found that Clara’s exuberance and wit continued to shine. I put a little extra polish on her authentic personality and the episodes retained a feeling of a laid back afternoon in your favorite relative’s kitchen. I hope you enjoy watching Clara as much as I have enjoyed bringing her to you.”

Summing Up Depression Cooking With Clara

Almost every adult American, and no doubt people in nations all over the world, have memories of someone who lived through the Depression era, and what a profound effect the experience had on that person’s life. This period in time continues to be one of great interest. This blog, and moreover the website and videos, are one way for us to get a realistic view of what life in those times really meant. It’s a gift of preservation and enlightenment with the added benefit of entertaining as you learn some very valuable—and too often lost—recipes and arts.

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