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My Diving Life

Sean Rasmussen is in Port Vila, Vanuatu sharing his love of scuba diving with his boys and blogging about some excellent local Vanuatu scuba diving professionals. In that spirit, I thought maybe we’d look up some scuba diving blogs for review; after all, when it comes to diving, the pics alone are always worth the visit! What I found was a number of great scuba diving blogs, and an entire community dedicated to the sport.

My Diving Life – Why You Should Go

My Diving Life is an entire blog network dedicated to scuba diving and diving enthusiasts. It’s dubbed as “The Divers Blog Community” and is home to a number of great scuba blogs from all over the world. The network offers other resources as well, including a job board for scuba divers and related professions.

Summing Up My Diving Life

My Diving Life is a great network to explore for dive enthusiasts, but also for those of us (and that’s me!) who’ve never had the pleasure. The pictures, stories, and information are top-rate, and there are plenty of diving blogs to choose from on this community blog network.

Go here to check out My Diving Life.

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