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Eye On DNA

Ever since the DNA code was unraveled the building block of life has been on the forefront of news and discoveries. It seems every day there is more to know and new applications and implications that stem from our new-found knowledge of DNA. It’s all very exciting, but also confusing for the average person.

Enter Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei. Her blog, Eye on DNA, is dedicated to decoding this exciting field and walking you through just how all the applications—large and small—may come to bear on your life.

Eye On DNA – Why You Should Go

The subject is a passion of Dr. Lei, who is backed with all the credentials and credits to be a true authority on it. She brings this authority to her blog, where it has been married with another passion of hers—blogging and social media (you can read about her extensive social media credits on her About page, too). She describes her passions and her blog in this way:

“I’m passionate about social media and the potential it has to empower people to take charge of their personal health. The Internet and genome technology combined are going to change our lives in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. Medicine in the genome era will touch all of our lives and I’m here to document its progress.
DNA is our past, present, and future. We need to seize it, examine it, and know its power to make it work for us. How will it change your life?”

Summing Up Eye On DNA

DNA discoveries and knowledge will change your life in many ways, ways in which you’ve previously not even been aware. Learn more about the forms those changes may take, and learn how you can use them to take more control over your future and health, courtesy of Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei.

Go here to check out Eye on DNA.

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