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Life In A Cubicle

Disengaged, disgruntled, disinterested…those are a lot of “dis’s” that could be used to describe Dudley B. Dawson‘s attitude toward life in a cubicle. But they all make for good reading as he builds upon them in his humor blog, Life in a Cubicle.

Life In A Cubicle – Why You Should Go

I found Life In A Cubicle listed under “Observational Humor” on BlogCatalog. It seemed an entertaining category, so I bit, and low and behold, there was Dudley Dawson‘s blog featured right at the top. So I bit again, and I was not disappointed in the least.

Dudley’s blog is, as you’ve probably guessed, a tongue-in-cheek look at life through the eyes of a cubicle-dweller. It’s a funny, snarky blog poised to help others in similar situations through their days, offering laughs and commiseration, and more than a few tips for more efficient slacking. (Don’t worry, you can even read it at work if you follow Dudley’s tips for surfing in your cube incognito.)

“Dudley B. Dawson’s Life in the Cubicle observes life from the confines of a 4×6 cubicle in the most depressing location known to man — corporate headquarters of a fortune 500 company. Topics including “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Slackers” and “Top 8 ways to sneak out of work early” will keep you laughing through your monotonous work day.”

Summing Up Life In A Cubicle

Funny. That just about says it all. This is a somewhat darkly amusing blog (somewhat dark—completely amusing) that will let you know first that you are not alone, and second that a little humor can go a long way to get you through your day and back into the glorious presence of real, bona-fide natural light.

Go here to check out Life in a Cubicle.

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