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“Find Yourself – Lose Your Way – An online garden for peaceful introspective”

If this sounds like a place you’d like to find yourself, or lose yourself, then a visit to Zenspace is in order.

Zenspace has been described to me as “an ongoing love letter to our planet.” That description is probably about as close as you can get in a few short words. Zenspace is the blog maintained by the Citizen of Earth, one who remembers times that were both more imbued with peace and love and tumultuous at the same time. But this Citizen remembers the promise of those times, and maintains this blog as a way to fulfill that promise.

Zenspace – Why You Should Go

This space of peace and contemplation is filled with posts to remind you of the only home we have, and remind us of our responsibility towards it. Through prose, poetry, and pictures, Citizen of Earth creates a quiet space for us to renew our dedication to our one planet and grow to appreciate it in the hopes that he can motivate us to treat it a little better personally, and a lot better collectively.

Summing Up Zenspace

Zenspace serves as a gentle reminder to us all of things promised and things passed, and things future, too. Visit Zenspace to stay centered and stay inspired to do your part for the appreciation and preservation of our larger global home.

Go here to check out Zenspace.

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